TAM is conducting a careful search for the appropriate companion on your behalf, and as your Love Coach, we are assisting you in bringing your best self to each date. Traditional African Matchmaking uses a variety of coaching methods to provide something NEW for everyone, regardless of their relationship goals.

Traditional African Matchmaker  offers personalized matchmaking and dating services exclusively for successful singles. We have successfully matched hundreds of couples who are now happily married or in a long-term relationship. Our team of relationship experts, image consultants and life coaches are available to assist you reach your life goals.


Our services are different from the common dating sites and apps where you swipe left or right to select a match. We get to know you through personal one-on-one interviews and interactions. Our members are real people looking for love, friendship, or a committed relationship. We match you with someone you share real connections with and high compatibility using human and computer AI algorithm.

Why should you hire us as your matchmaker?
  • We save you money from the expense of going on a lot of dates with people you are incompatible with.


  • We save you many hours of time that you would spend finding a partner in other ways — such as frequenting bars, going to singles events, going to parties, or online dating.


  • We will introduce you to people you would otherwise never meet and create opportunities that could help you grow and change your live.


  • We provide honest, objective advice that will help you in dating and relationships.


  • Most importantly, we can help you find love and increase the chances of you having a healthy, long-term relationship or marriage with someone who suits you best.