Since we opened our doors in 2009, Traditional African Matchmaking has been responsible for thousands of relationships and marriages. Some of our clients’ Love Stories began with their very first date, while others took a little longer to find that special someone. Here are just a few of our favorite Success Stories that we are proud to share with you, each of them as special and unique as each of our clients.

“My experience couldn’t have gone better! I just bought Hannah a ring! We are going to be married in October!!!! Signing up for Traditional African Matchmaking was one of the best things I ever did! I’m telling every single person I know about Traditional African Matchmaking! What a great experience it was – sooo much better than online dating! Thank you SO much!!!”

Dylan + Hannah,

Married October 2017

“Traditional African Matchmaking helped me identify a few areas to improve to my dating behavior, and it made all the difference. Traditional African Matchmaking was great to work with during this process as they are very understanding of your expectations. Best of all, I found a great woman!!”

Kunle + Julie

Married June 2018

“I joined Traditional African Matchmaking in June 2012. I had used the “traditional” dating websites and was tired of meeting people who were looking for a good time and not a solid relationship. I truly wanted to find someone with the same goals and hopes for the future; someone who was looking for a long-term commitment. It was important to me that I met someone who had children like I do. I met with Dayo, and right away she was confident she would find my perfect match. However, after going on a few dates, I was ready to take a break. Dayo was persistent and convinced me to go on another, and that is when I met the love of my life. Nathan and I have been together since November 2012. We are very committed and our relationship continues to grow daily. I have never laughed, smiled, and enjoyed life as much as I do since meeting Nathan. I thank Dayo for helping me find my perfect match. She was professional and realistic with the matchmaking process. This is a wonderful dating service that I would recommend to anyone looking for a long-term relationship!”

Jide + Seun

Married December 2018

“Nfoma and I were both new to the area and had no idea where to begin looking for dates. Nfoma was working nights, and I was an older than average college student so prospects and opportunities were limited. I saw a billboard several times and finally decided to give it a try. It was nice since everyone using the service was serious about dating or finding that someone. The intent of the other person was already known. Fortunately, Nfoma was on there. On our first date, neither of us wanted to be there because we were tired from our busy schedules, but it turned out great. We talked for hours and everything felt very comfortable. She was willing to come to Lincoln for our second date and at that moment, I knew she was someone I wanted to get serious with. Our personalities really complimented each other. We always had the best times when we’d spend time together. We are now engaged and could not be happier. “

Nfoma + Chuks

Married 2019

“From being a prospect to a client, Aunty Dayo has always been very responsive, helpful, understanding and extremely friendly. Her process to vet people is solid and confidential, which made me comfortable. I’m confident in sharing information, and knowing that who I’m being introduced to has been verified as well. Dating again was hard, no doubt. I’m so glad I chose to work with Aunty Dayo and team. If I had to do it all over, I would have talked with her sooner.”

Dave, 55 Dallas

“Lady D is great! And, yes, matchmaking does work! I met Paul through Lady D in December 2019. Even though we lived over 3 hours apart, we created a loving relationship, and are planning a bright and exciting future together. I would never have met Paul without Lady D’s matchmaking efforts. Just follow Lady D’s recommendations – which may take you outside of your comfort zone (in a safe and sane way).  Thanks for everything! Because of you we each have an exciting and new chapter in our lives!”

Bev + Paul

Married 2021

“I never pictured myself becoming involved with any sort of dating service. But, on a dare I decided to take a chance to see where it lead me. My experience with Aunty Dayo took me down a path I never would have expected… true love. To anyone who may be skeptical about dating, take a leap of faith, be brave, dare yourself to add a little excitement to your life. You will not be disappointed. Go for it, and good luck!”

Kate + Greg,

Married 2018

“The team at TAM are very professional, patient, and spot-on with matchmaking. I was new to town from Osun state, and they guided, encouraged, and coached me on dating in the city. Eventually, I met my very perfect match. We are two peas in a pod, and we are the happiest we ever have been. TAM is the real DREAM team. You have nothing to lose, except for meeting your potential life-long partner.”

Carolina + Ryan,

Married 2013