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At some point in our lives, we want to meet that new special person who we will fall in love with and who, hopefully, we will share something that lasts forever. Sometimes we may just want to date someone. But it’s not always as easy or as straightforward as that. Depending on your circumstances, you may find it a challenge to meet new people, especially when you are looking for love. That is why a professional matchmaker can be a very valuable asset.

Having a dating site that helps you meet new people is great, but having a platform that is ready to help you through your journey in finding love and settling down is even better. At Traditional African Matchmaker we have your back. We are your support team though the entire process of finding your partner, getting to know them and anything else you may need along the way. For this reason, we are not just an online dating meeting point for people looking to get into a relationship, we are a support team.

We understand that sometimes it can be a challenge to meet new people for some reason. We go through phases and experiences that may take us from our usual lifestyle or locations and this can make meeting new people an uphill task. These are some major reasons people have a problem finding their match, but we have you covered if you are in one if the following situations:


Have You Moved To a New City or Country?

Let’s face it – moving to a new city or new country can be a lonely and distracting experience. You may find that you are forced to leave your old connections behind and forge new ones, which is easier said than done. If you are an African in the diaspora, for instance, you may have realized that it takes some time to get used to the new place you moved to, whether it’s the US, the UK or any other country outside the continent. Even if you are an African who relocates to a different country within the continent or a different city within your own country, you may be forced to leave behind the old connections and start all over. Our job is to help you save time, money and the effort in meeting new people who are also seeking for love, making new connections and being by your side if you need any assistance or guidance. It can be very daunting to start this search when you are outside your comfort zone. If this sounds like a good idea please get in touch with us through this link:


Are You a Single Parent?

As a single parent you may have to consider your child or children when looking for somebody. It may not be a big deal if you are just dating temporarily, but if a long-term relationship that may involve marriage is what you have in mind you will need to find someone who is ready to settle with you and welcome your kid or kids into their lives. At Traditional African Matchmaker we understand that. We will guide you in finding someone who is looking for exactly what you are looking for.


Are You Divorced?

Nobody really wants to go through a divorce, but they happen. Because a divorce can leave you with a new attitude, baggage or unresolved negative feelings , it can take a while and some work to be ready to get back on the dating scene with a positive attitude. At Traditional African Matchmaker we understand that our clients have different backgrounds and experiences, and we are here to assist you in meeting somebody who understands you, understands your past experiences and is willing to embrace you nevertheless. Because we vet our clients, we can guide you to finding the person who has the qualities you are looking for and steer you away from people whose qualities may be similar to the ones who disappointed you in the past. For instance, if your divorce was caused by a certain behaviour in a partner, we may not recommend that you connect with someone with the same habit.


Are You a Business or Career Professional With Little Time To Spare on Dating?

Many people in the professional and business world find that their work takes up most of their time, and they may not have the time to socialize. What’s more, searching for the right person can be a time-consuming affair. We totally understand this. For this reason, hiring a professional matchmaker may be one of the best things you can ever do. At Traditional African Matchmaker we help you save time by bringing the best matches to you so you can meet potential singles with similar interests without having to go through a grueling search. We have made many single professional career and business people’s dreams come true.


Try Our Matchmakers Today and Let Them Help You Meet Your Dream Partner!

Our superb professional matchmakers have helped thousands of searching singles find their ideal partner.  We have many singles searching for love just like you, and we are positive that you will find our quality of singles to be exactly what you are looking for. No matter your background and preferences, we are here to help you in every way we can.

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